Sugar Glider Supplies

Habitat kits need to be purchased at least 5 days in advance to your pickup appointment. Supply orders are non-refundable.

Canned Insects 35g $4.50
Our canned insects are perfect for hedgehogs. This is a high-protein, high-energy moist treat that has been specifically designed so that hedgehogs receive the necessary nutrients. Hedgehogs have an easy time digesting canned insects because the insects are left moist and fresh due to the canning process.Made with insects that have been freshly preserved and ready to eat. They contain the same nutritional value and delicious taste as fresh, but have a shelf life of up to three years unopened. Refrigerate after opening with included plastic lid, and it will stay fresh for up to one week.

Bonding Carrier $18.00 
Our hedgehog carrier will give comfort and security anywhere you go.

Size: 7” x 9”
3”-4” wide.
Strap Length: 39”
Sturdy mesh offers enough airflow and visibility for your hedgehog to see out. Adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.
Machine wash, air dry or use coolest setting on dryer.

Sugar Glider Food | From $20.00
Sugar glider fruity flavor kibble, each pound of food comes come with 2 oz. of vitamins and 1 oz. of calcium.

Optional container holds approximately 1.5 lbs. of food.

Toy Boxes   |   $15.00

Tub: 6”x5” basket on 4 chains for stability. Each basket includes 15 items, 1 of which is a foraging cup and 1 of which is a treasure box for hiding treats. Toy selection and colors vary.

Sugar Glider Habitat Kit   |  From $249.00
Habitats will not be shipped.

They need to be picked up by appointment with your sugar glider.

Approximately 24”L*17” W*53” H

Ion-made cage with powder-coated finish, Wooden Perches, Feeding Dishes

Water Bottle

12” Silent Runner Wheel (+sandy trimmer track+$17, +cage attachment+$8)

Fleece Cage Set 6 Piece (corner pouch, sleeping pouch, parachute pouch, bounce and play bridge, and 2 corner hammocks)

1 lb. of Sugar Glider Food

2 oz. Sugar Glider Vitamins

1 oz. Calcium Supplement.

(photos for example, exact cage and fleece patterns may vary depending on availability)

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