sugar gliders for sale Ohio


sugar gliders for sale Ohio What Our Happy Families are Saying!

sugar gliders for sale Ohio. We have a wide range of customers coming from all over the states but over the past months we have had major sales coming from Ohio I do appreciate all the Love you all have been showing to us. local pick up and home delivery available within all the states contact us for a quote. 100% healthy sugar gliders for sale Ohio ready they are affordable and healthy for delivery. Types: shipping available, 100% health guarantee, up to date with shots, vet checked. We also wish to inform everyone that we do not only ship to Ohio but all over the U.S.

sugar gliders for sale Ohio If you are looking for a Hedgehog you will be comfortable with, then you are in the right place. Small animal world has been soo much helpful, they breed the best hedgehogs i have ever seen. Very affectionate hedgehogs and well taken care of. Thanks.
Lewis Hernandez
Thank you for helping me get this beautiful girl. She has been a reason my family has rebonded again. We all play and pet her. She has a good temperament, loves curdles and jumps a lot. Thanks for the recommendations. when i searched sugar gliders for sale Ohio i was happy to find Small Animal World
Denise B. Flynn
I have adopted two Sugar gliders from you guys and all are very beautiful and affectionate. They play a lot and sometimes i think am not playing enough with them. The moment i walk into the house it's all fun and joy. They brighten up my home. Thank you very much.
Erin Fleming
When I searched sugar gliders for sale Ohio Small animal world was the first I saw I am soo lucky I found your home, My boy “Benny” is the sweetest boy I ever had. I had tons of help setting up my home for him, getting toys, food and the rest. Thank you very much for the help.
Eddie Dodge
Our family is very grateful for all the help and support you gave us. We thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your beautiful Sugar gliders. Thank you very much.
Gerald Weaver
Very well socialized and so sweet. She was helpful with any questions we had and you can tell how much she cares about each and every hedgehog baby.
James Hagen
"If you are looking for a hedgehog, or sugar gliders for sale Ohio I would strongly encourage you to purchase one (or two) from Small Animal world. My experience with them has been fantastic.
Wilford L.
My daughter has been very happy ever since i got her first Sugar glider. It's been love all through.
Keith McGee
"I LOVE my hedgehog! She is so cute and loving and because of the handling she got as a hoglet, she is much friendlier and easier to handle! Also, she is very healthy and fit and doing extremely well. I am very happy I went to a breeder instead of a pet store. The guide to taking care of them helped a lot and overall I am just very satisfied. I also like that when I have a question, Small Animal world gets back to me right away. Thanks for everything".
Melvin Smith
My husband and I were looking for a hedgie and are so happy we found Small Animal World! Our new baby is so energetic and loveable! They were just so friendly and helpful too. They sent pictures to us whenever we asked for them. Small Animal World even allowed us to view the other animals they have even though we weren't "intrested". Small Animal World even allowed us to buy some of the food they feed the hedgies. We love our little boy so much! We would recomend them to anyone.
You guys are the best when it comes to Sugar gliders. After searching for a reputable breeder and came across you guys. After a long talk. I got one Sugar glider for sale in ohio. Thanks.
Alice Matthew
I have purchased two sugar gliders from Small animal world on two separate times, and they were FANSTASTIC! they are so easy to contact and they are so helpful! All of their sugar gliders are healthy and well loved, you can tell they really care about them. If you are looking for sugar gliders for sale Ohio I recommend Small animal world to any sugar glider lover, I would never buy from anyone else.
Carol S. Johnson
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